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NAKAS GROUP / Travel Bookstore
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The concept, the development, the growth, the vision (orama) ...

ORAMA EDITIONS have been actively contributing to the field of publications, more specifically in travel publications, for the last 12 years, issuing maps and travel guides, vigorously and consistently covering the needs of the Greek market. Within this 12-year time period, thanks to its dynamic and fast growth and its expansion into new markets, the company has managed to become the leading company in its field, firmly established in the minds of even the most demanding consumers. 

The success of the company is due to the high quality and wide product range, and also due to the affordable prices offered to consumers and dealers/traders. Nevertheless, we do not rely on our successful progress to date and constantly try to evolve and offer new products to the public.  


Brief History

2000: Establishment of the company with main target and «vision» the publication of maps and travel guides for every single area of Greece, but also for the whole world.

2001: Release of the first 7 titles.

2002: Distribution in the market of the first 8 geographic regions’ maps. This number is shortly increased to 39.

2003: ORAMA EDITIONS collaborates with the Italian publications group Studio FMB Bologna, providing maps for foreign countries and cities that leads to a rapid increase of the number of the titles to 165.

2004: Increase of the number of the titles to 253. Publication of maps on mountains and special areas. Nautical maps are available to navigators, bearing information on items such as depth gauges, lighthouses and many more.

2005: The company employs specialized personnel and the “New Generation” cartography begins.

2006: The number of the titles increases to 431. The publication of maps for all Greek islands leads to clientele growth. The use of new technology is a fact and leads to the release of the first maps in digital format for GPS.

2007: Collaboration with the English publisher DK EYEWITNESS TRAVEL for the translation into Greek and the exclusive distributor in the Greek market of the popular travel guides TOP 10. Transfer of the company into new facilities of 2,500 sq.m. on Marathonos Avenue, where the offices and the warehouses are housed until today .

2008: Doubling of the staff, reaching 35 employees, occupying key positions in departments such as literature, creative/studio, sales, marketing, public relations, travel guides, stock and accounting. The increase in personnel leads to an expansion of the titles to 805, but also to the addition of two new, novel series, the «Municipalities of Attica Maps» and the «Mini Maps – ‘Tour in’ Guides».

2009: Enrichment of the ORAMA EDITIONS library with the mini books series «Everything About Greece». The series of these 8 thematic books is translated in 6 languages ​​and unfolds the history, the culture and the beauty of Greece. Cooperation with the company MARCO POLO with the best road maps on global level for all countries of the world and the company FALK with quality maps for all cities abroad. Release of the first title of the "Perfect Guide" travel guides series for Greece for the prefecture of Ioannina.

2010: Impressive rise in clientele with 5,000 outlets. Launch of the original series of adhesive information signs i-Sima. Cooperation with ROAD Publications for the exclusive marketing and distribution of its products. Acquisition of the travel bookshop ROAD and renaming it in Travel Bookstore. Acquisition of the mapping company S. KAPRANIDIS. "

2011: Release of a new series of maps and guides for Cyprus, «Cyprus on the Road», that covers the island fully with a huge variety of titles. Acquisition of the travel documentary production company «Planet 1». Operation of the first Travel Bookstore branch in eastern Attica. Publication of the first title of the school atlases series "I get to know my home town" for the prefecture of Ioannina. Participation of ORAMA EDITIONS in the International Book Fair in Frankfurt in October 2011.

Today: ORAMA Editions, with consistency and respect towards consumers and traders, continues to develop and is one of the most established trademarks in Greece in the travel sector. Vision and aim of all members of the "ORAMA family" is to highlight the high quality and the wide variety of our products, to offer low prices and to fully cover the increasing needs of our customers.

Sales network

You will find ORAMA products in Greece and Cyprus in large bookstore chains, shops, large super markets, highway junctions and many other outlets, but also in selected stores worldwide.

Customer support network

The dealers of ORAMA cover the clientele of the company in Greece and Cyprus with regular visits at all points of sale. For foreign customers, excellent service and constant updating is possible through regular communication, but also through personal contact, such as through the participation of ORAMA in international exhibitions, e.g. in the International Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Recent Achievements

In 2010, one of the toughest financial years of the last decade, ORAMA took a series of development actions:

* Launch of the i-Sima series: The most organized, rich and original series of adhesive signs and information signs for common-use areas and restaurants in the Greek market under the brand name i-Sima.

* Cooperation with ROAD Publications: ORAMA took over for the next 10 years the exclusive marketing and distribution of the products of ROAD, a company active in the publication of maps and travel guides since 1995.

* Acquisition of “ROAD” travel bookstore: Within the context of our cooperation with ROAD, ORAMA acquired the travel bookshop ROAD in Athens (71 Solonos str,), which was renamed to Travel Bookstore. The bookstore was restored, renewed and follows an upward path.

With a constantly increasing huge range of products, this bookstore covers the growing needs of Greek and foreign travelers and tourists. Responding to the current trends, the Travel Bookstore offers also an e-shop ( for purchases from everywhere in the world! ORAMA aims to promote the Travel Bookstore as the largest travel bookshop in Europe.

* Acquisition of the company "S. KAPRANIDIS": In 2010 ORAMA proceeded to the acquisition of "Stelios Kapranidis Publications", the first company active in the area of mapping and publishing maps since 1970, specializing in city guides, the famous ELPA guides.

* Acquisition of the Company "Planet One": In the beginning of 2011 ORAMA proceeded to the acquisition of «Planet One», a documentary production company travel for destinations in Greece and abroad. Therefore, the product catalogue of ORAMA was enriched with 57 DVD tours.

* Operation of the first Travel Bookstore branch: The success of the Travel Bookstore in the center of Athens is continued since the summer of 2011 by a new branch of the chain in eastern Attica (23 km Marathonos Avenue, Rafina), with equally wide variety of products and the same impeccable service.



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